Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 23rd Photo Shoot

A l e x   G r e e n w o o d 
Asheville Glass Center 

Grain Silo Photography at its best!

B r u c e   H a u m a n 

The end. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowboard in Asheville

Fun Times in Downtown Asheville North Carolina

The weather is for the shits so what do i do?  I head outside with my trusty Canon 50d.. and do my best to find wild crazy people having fun.  

These two guys went to the trouble of building themselves a small little mound off to the right of the road.  This fellow wins the prize for the best jump however he did have a few challenges getting to this jump.  

This guy kicked butt.  Every time he tried to do a jump he did a jump.  Too bad for the trees.. but the jump was amazing with at least 3 feet of air on very sticky snow.  great job!

Given there is no chair lift at the bottom of the street they would pick up their boards and head back up the hill  getting ready for another ride down.  In the 45 minutes I was there the police never came by and given their sub station is less then 50 feet away that is pretty good.  

Good air.  Urban Snowboarding at its best.!

Take a picture of my green glasses!

The energy and fun in the face. 

This was a fun shoot!!